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Construction debris pickup after remodel

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The efficiency and safety of your construction project depends on maintaining a clean and hazard-free work zone for your workers and the structure you are building or renovating. Construction sites are dusty, dirty work environments, full of messes and potential dangers around every corner. Homebuilders and contractors leave behind dust, trash, and debris every day that needs to be cleared and cleaned.

At Houston Junk Hauling, comprehensive construction site cleanup services keep work areas clean and clear of leftover materials to make the property safe and presentable when the project is done. We use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest industry techniques to provide a clean and safe environment for construction sites of all types and sizes.

Construction Sites Require Specialized Clean Up Services

The cleaning and maintaining of a construction site for a new home or business build or renovation project require a unique set of skills and a specialized approach compared to a regular home or office cleaning service. We will clean off sawdust, silica, and other construction dust from machinery and areas throughout the property.

Unused and discarded construction materials littered throughout the site will need to be safely collected and removed from the site daily and after the project is completed. We perform various construction cleanup services for all types of industries, from small residential home remodels to large commercial new builds.

Routine Construction Site Cleanup

Construction projects can last anywhere from one or two days for a small renovation to a commercial build that takes weeks or months. The remnants of each construction workday typically consist of trash, debris, and unused construction materials that need to be collected and disposed of before the next day. Our team of industrial cleaning professionals works to create a clean and safe environment for when the workers return.

Construction crews work long, hard hours, often from early in the morning until late in the evening. At Houston Junk Hauling, we offer flexible scheduling options to clean before or after working hours.

Professional Post-Construction Debris Cleanup in Houston

When the project is complete and the construction crews leave, our team of skilled, hard-working post-construction cleaning specialists gets to work. We will clean up, clear out, wash, polish, and shine every area of the newly-built or remodeled structure.

We start by collecting and removing all visible trash and debris. Construction materials like adhesive, caulking, and paint overspray will be cleaned using industrial-grade equipment and materials. We will then clean and wash every inch of the site’s interior and exterior to bring the final product to life.

Post-construction cleanup services from the industry specialists at Houston Junk Hauling may include:

  • Collect and haul away construction debris
  • Collect and haul away any unused materials
  • Collect and dispose of trash.
  • Haul away demolition debris

Dangers of Construction Dust

There is a significant amount of dust left behind from the average construction project. Construction dust can lead to serious health issues if not properly and completely removed by cleaning professionals. Conditions resulting from exposure to dust can include heart disease, lung cancer, and respiratory issues like asthma.

Left unattended, remaining construction dust can pose health risks to anyone in the area well after the project is completed and people are living, working, or visiting the site. After the build or renovation is complete and before owners or tenants can begin to move in, Houston Junk Hauling will use the most effective equipment, materials, and techniques to remove all of the dust and mitigate potential dangers.

Safety-First Approach

At Houston Junk Hauling, we take a safety-first approach to our wide-ranging construction cleanup services. Construction sites can be hazardous places with serious dangers around every corner. We take the utmost care in our cleaning processes to maintain the project’s integrity and keep our staff and others around them as safe as possible.

We are fully insured, and all our team members are fully trained and experienced in the most updated Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements, guidelines, and standards. The proper safety gear and equipment is used for every construction site cleanup job performed by our crews.

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