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Hoarding is a serious issue for people who have trouble throwing away things, regardless of whether they contain a monetary value or personal meaning. Hoarders create messy, unhealthy, and potentially hazardous circumstances in their place of residence or business. When things get out of hand and dramatic action needs to be taken, Houston Junk Hauling is a practical, affordable, discreet solution.

Throughout most people’s lives, we let things slide and go too long between cleaning and organizing our papers and other items. Desks, tables, and other surfaces suitable for collecting a mix of junk and valuable items become magnets for more stuff. Eventually, the average person will make an effort to clean up these messy areas to make sure bills, checks, and other important items do not get lost in the clutter.

However, hoarders deal with a mental disorder that does not allow them to throw away old papers, clothes, or even garbage and waste. Hoarding often leads to serious personal, family, financial, and occupational problems. When you or a loved one are ready to make a change, Houston Junk Hauling will service your property in complete confidence while our team of hard-working professionals completely clear out, clean, wash, and disinfect the entire affected area. We will keep what we are instructed to save and haul away the rest.

What is Hoarding?

It may appear to an outsider houder home cleanout beforethat a hoarder is merely careless, lazy, or dismissive of the piles that litter their residence or office. However, hoarding is a psychological disorder recognized by the scientific community. The American Psychiatric Association describes someone with a

as having a “persistent difficulty getting rid of or parting with possessions, leading to clutter that disrupts their ability to use their living or workspaces

The cause of hoarding disorders is mostly unknown. Hoarding risk factors may include a traumatic life event, a brain injury, and other mental disorders. The main symptom of hoarding is an inability to throw anything out, regardless of its worth or value.

  • Additional signs of a hoarding disorder include:
  • Clutter compromises livable spaces.
  • Excessive stress about throwing things out.
  • Increased anxiety about having enough items for the future.
  • Indecision and angst about where to put things.
  • Housing multiple animals.
  • Socially withdrawn from friends, family, and coworkers.
  • Will not allow other people to touch their things.

Hoarding can occur in a wide range of residential and commercial properties, including:

  • Homes

  • Apartments

  • Single-Room Occupancies (SROs)

  • Nursing Homes

  • Local Businesses

  • Commercial Properties

  • City, State, and County Facilities

Types of Hoarder Services in Houston, Texas

At Houston Junk Hauling, we are dedicated to helping hoarders clear out the junk and clean up affected spaces to allow them to better deal with this debilitating disorder. Our trained teams act with discretion and compassion while cleaning and organizing the affected areas.

Clutter Cleanup

The hoarding process has to start somewhere and it is usually the collecting of items that clutter up a room or rooms. We provide hoarders a path to begin living a clutter-free life by cleaning up the clutter, saving and organizing what is to be kept, and discarding the rest. Hoarder cleanout services at Houston Junk Hauling are performed at your comfort level. Throughout the entire remediation process, we work to make sure you are handling the transition in a healthy state.

Recovering Lost Items

One of the beautiful aspects of our hoarder cleanout services is the ability to discover and recover valuable lost items that you may have even forgotten that you had. From valuable finds like money, uncashed checks, legal documents, and financial statements to family heirlooms, photographs, and letters of sentimental value, you can uncover a personal treasure just by cleaning up. Some of your most essential items will be saved, preserved, passed on to family, or sold to generate additional income.

Get Started at Houston Junk Hauling Today

If you or a loved one is ready to break the hoarding cycle, and get organized, Houston Junk Hauling can help. There is no shame in making a change and getting a fresh, clean start on life. Contact us today for complete information on comprehensive hoarder cleaning services from compassionate, discreet, and understanding crews of trained, experienced professionals.