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Self Storage Unit Cleanout

Houston Junk Hauling LLC is a full service junk removal company that serves the Greater Houston area. Here are some of the reasons why our customers like working with us:

When you work with us, you are supporting your local economy. Plus, you at talking to our team members, and not some remote call-center.

Our team is passionate about helping our community by providing fast, friendly, and fair services.

We will provide a quote before we begin work. You will know how much the job will cost before the job is started.

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Are you renting a storage unit that has turned into a viable candidate for Storage Wars? Are you the owner or manager of a rental storage unit with a tenant that has abandoned you and left their unit in disarray? Houston Junk Hauling is here to help. Our crews work quickly to empty, organize, and thoroughly clean storage units of all sizes and conditions.

Cleaning out a storage unit allows you to assess the items in the unit, discard any items that have no value or you know you will never need, and either start fresh or end the rental agreement. It is even possible to discover hidden and forgotten gems, such as forgotten heirlooms or items that can be sold for cash.

Complete Storage Unit Clean Outs

Storage units are designed to serve as temporary solutions to store items that are not needed regularly. Like a stuffed kitchen junk drawer and overcrowded garage, a storage unit can fill up quickly as you keep adding articles and fail to organize as you go. Over time, it will be packed with things you will never use again and cannot access even if you need them.

Cleaning out a messy and packed storage unit is a labor-intensive, time-consuming job in a tight space with little light. It can be a frustrating, stressful experience to clean and organize a storage unit, however, you do not have to go it alone. At Houston Junk Hauling, we specialize in cleaning up the most challenging messes. We will work with you to save and organize what you want to keep and haul away and discard what you do not.

Storage Unit Clearing Services You Can Trust

It does not take long for a storage unit to become messy and crowded with things that may or may not ever use again. If you can get the unit organized and prioritize the items in there, you may downgrade the unit size to save some money or end the contract altogether.

Overstuffed and messy storage units are often packed with items that you will never use or are beyond repair or functionality. The thought of emptying the unit, sifting through everything, and putting everything back in an orderly and organized fashion is daunting and stressful. Our talented cleaning experts will do the heavy lifting and work with you to keep what you want to be saved and discard the rest. Let us perform the hard work and get a fresh start on your rental storage unit.

Clear Out Evicted Storage Units

The most frustrating aspect of owning or managing a rental storage unit is when tenants leave you with a packed unit of junk and months of unpaid bills. The quicker you can get the abandoned unit cleared out and cleaned up, the faster you can rent it out again and generate revenue. Oftentimes, the items are of such little worth that an auction is not worth the hassle-that’s where we come in!

For reasons that are sometimes tough to figure out, people will leave everything they have stored in your unit and simply disappear without paying the bill or retrieving their items. Some units can also be left after being inherited by a beneficiary with no interest in finding out what is in it.

If you do not have the time, strength, or energy to clean out the unit yourself, Houston Junk Hauling let a team of hard-working professionals from Houston Junk Hauling does the heavy lifting and arduous work for you. Our storage cleanout crew has the skill, strength, and experience to empty any storage unit, regardless of the interior’s size or condition. We will separate the junk from any valuable items that you may use to recoup your losses from the previous tenant.

Why Choose Houston Junk Hauling for Storage Unit Cleanout?

Everyday items left in storage units that need to be cleaned out may include large furniture and other heavy items that need to be trashed, sold, or recycled. Our teams of professional cleaners and movers understand how to maximize the space for items being stored and dispose of items that with no value and are not being kept.

Our team brings the muscle to lift and move the heaviest, largest, and most awkwardly shaped items from the unit. We use state-of-the-art moving equipment and tools and the latest industry techniques to get the job done quickly and safely. We are trained professionals who will do all your hard work along with exceptional customer service.

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At Houston Junk Hauling, we proudly service storage unit renters and managers using an impressive team of hard-working movers and cleaners. If you are looking for a fast, affordable storage unit clean out service to get the most disorganized, messy, and overstuffed unit cleared out, contact Houston Junk Hauling and get started today.