Retail Store Closure Cleanout in Houston

retail store closure cleanout in Houston

Houston Junk Hauling LLC is a full service junk removal company that serves the Greater Houston area. Here are some of the reasons why our customers like working with us:

When you work with us, you are supporting your local economy. Plus, you at talking to our team members, and not some remote call-center.

Our team is passionate about helping our community by providing fast, friendly, and fair services.

We will provide a quote before we begin work. You will know how much the job will cost before the job is started.

We’re a Local Retail Store Cleanout Service in Houston

Of all of the commercial junk removal services we provide, retail store cleanouts are one of the most common (even more so after the global events that occurred in 2020). We help the tenant businesses that are moving out, as well as the landlords that have been left with an abandoned storefront.

Our goal is to make the retail space available to be rented out again as quickly and efficiently as possible. We want to ensure that a commercial retail tenant leaves the unit on good terms, and that property managers are left with a retail space that is ready for the next tenant.

We Cleanout Retail Stores

Are you stuck with a retail space that is full of unsold merchandise, shelving, displays, or other clutter? We can take care of it. We will provide you with a free, on-site and firm quote before work begins. 

We take care to remove the contents of the space without damaging the walls or structure. We also take care to ensure that all items are disposed of properly and ethically (we recycle or donate goods, whenever possible).

We have the experience, knowledge, and equipment necessary to tackle all aspects of the cleanout of the retail space. Additionally, we are fully insured and are able to quickly provide all required documentation. 

Have a Storefront That Needs To Be Cleaned Out?

If you are in the greater Houston area, we have you covered for all of your storefront cleanout needs. Look no further than our team at Houston Junk Hauling LLC. We have the capacity to get started on the clean out in a timely manner and complete the work on  a timeline that works for you.

  • Store Cleanout Items We Remove
  • Leftover Merchandise Removal
  • Store Shelf Removal
  • Display Removal
  • Counter Removal
  • Register Removal
  • Equipment Removal

Here’s a Little Bit More Info About The Specific Items We Remove From Closed Stores:

Leftover and Left Behind Merchandise Removal

Need to get rid of merchandise in a store? Of all of the store cleanouts we perform, clothing tends to be the most common type of merchandise that we remove. This is likely because clothing is difficult to liquidate and has oftentimes become in poor condition after the space was abandoned. Clothing removal is also made more difficult because it is heavy and bulky when accumulated. Though clothing is the most common type of item that we remove, we also remove other types of clothing including household merchandise, commercial equipment, furniture, and restaurant items.

Store Shelving Removal and Disposalphoto of empty shelves during store cleanout

One of the peskiest things that is left behind in retail store spaces is shelving. Store shelving removal is a critical part of cleaning out the retail space. Shelving can be heavy and cumbersome. Our team can efficiently remove shelving in Houston and haul it away.

Storefront Display RemovalRetail store cleanout in progress

We can remove any time of store displays. Aside from shelving, we typically remove window displays and other raised, stage like displays. Additionally, we often end up removing and disposing of things such as props, banners, and mannequins. 

Counter Removal

Some of the single heaviest items that are found in stores, restaurants, and other retail properties are the counters. These counters are often used as the point of sale or checkout for smaller stores and boutiques. These wood counters can other weigh hundreds of pounds. Our team of junk removal specialists can quickly remove these counters without causing damage.

Cash Register Checkout Removal

Cash registers and cashier checkouts can be seemingly daunting to get rid of. Not only are they heavy, they often have other components such as conveyor belts that make them more complicated to remove. Our experienced technicians at Houston Junk Hauling LLC know just how to remove cash registers or checkout removal in Houston.

Miscellaneous Equipment Removal

Sometimes, when it comes to cleaning out a store in Houston, sometimes there are simply other types of equipment and items that are seemingly daunting to get rid of.  Many stores have equipment such as appliances, packaging and processing equipment, cardboard removal, forklifts, dollies, and more. If there are any types of equipment you need removed from your commercial property, call us to get started.

Professional Store Closure Cleanouts in Houston

We understand that when it comes to cleaning out stores and commercial properties in Houston that time is of the essence. Whether you are the existing tenant or property owner/manager, we are standing ready to help you. We know that it is important to have the unit ready to rent, or ready to sell the retail property. Contact one of our friendly team members to come up with a plan for your store clean out service. Call us at 832-447-7708 or complete the form on our site and we will reach out to you!