Yard Cleanup and Backyard Junk Removal in Houston

yard clean up services in Houston

Houston Junk Hauling LLC is a full service junk removal company that serves the Greater Houston area. Here are some of the reasons why our customers like working with us:

When you work with us, you are supporting your local economy. Plus, you at talking to our team members, and not some remote call-center.

Our team is passionate about helping our community by providing fast, friendly, and fair services.

We will provide a quote before we begin work. You will know how much the job will cost before the job is started.

We Haul Away Junk From Your Yard

A Yard Cleanup Service in Houston You Can Count On

Houston Junk Hauling LLC is here to help you get your home’s backyard clean and tidy! Oftentimes, the backyard can accumulate junk and clutter. It can oftentimes be easy to neglect the tidiness of the backyard because it is out-of-sight and out-of-mind and because of the hot summer days in Houston. Part of what makes cleaning up a backyard so daunting is that much of what accumulates can not be thrown away with the trash pickup. Fortunately, we are here to help with your backyard cleanup. Our friendly team is here to help you with your backyard cleanup! No need to lift a finger as our junk removal company is truly full-service!

How Backyard Junk Pickup Process Works:

  1. Call us at 832-447-7708. One of our friendly team members will be happy to help you with a rough estimate and to schedule a service appointment
  2. We arrive, on-time to your scheduled appointment
  3. Before work begins, we will confirm pricing and provide a firm quote for the work to be done
  4. Our team will then load all of the junk into our trucks
  5. We will sweep and tidy up the job site before we leave
  6. Before we leave, we will ensure the customer is 100% satisfied with our work and that there are no other items to be removed. We will accept payment prior to our departure
  7. After we leave, we will take all junk and debris to the appropriate facility. We always strive to recycle where possible.

Here’s Some of The Most Common Backyard Items We Remove:

Patio Furniture Disposal

Patio furniture is arguably the most common type of item we remove from backyards. Unfortunately, patio furniture is very susceptible to damage from the elements and the extreme heat and humidity. When the weather has gotten the best, it is simply time to get rid of your patio furniture. We are happy to help with your patio furniture removal in Houston! 

We know that time is of the essence when it comes to removing old furniture because new furniture may be on the way, or the home is pending sale. In any case, our hardworking team is here to help. For patio furniture removal and disposal call, text, or complete the contact form on this site.

Patio furniture removal in progress

Flower Pot and Planter Removal

Pots and planters, and gardening in general can bring much joy! However, plants eventually wilt away and the old pot or planter becomes neglected. Over the years, flower pots can accumulate in the yard. We can quickly pick up and remove the flower pots in your yard at the time of your backyard junk removal appointment.

Get Rid of Your Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds can provide a lot of enjoyment, but they are also, unfortunately, a lot of work to maintain. Raised garden beds require constant weeding (it seems the ragweed in Houston grows year round).

Getting rid of a raised garden bed is no easy task. The typical 4×8 raised garden bed holds about 1 cubic yard of soil. Did you know that 1 cubic yard of soil weighs in excess of 2000-lbs?!? In addition to the soil being very heavy, it cannot simply be thrown away. Additionally, the deteriorating wood siding of the raised garden bed must be disposed of properly.

Look no further! Our team at Houston Junk Hauling can take care of getting rid of your garden bed quickly! We will take care of removing the dirt and wood, hauling it away, and recycling it properly. Contact our team today to get started!

How to Get Rid of Stone Pavers and Bricks

Stone pavers and bricks cannot be thrown away with the trash. Therefore, one of the most common types of items that we remove from backyards in the Houston area are stone pavers and bricks.

Since pavers and bricks are so heavy and cumbersome, they tend to accumulate over the years. Pavers can typically be found in piles on the side of the house or the back of the house. Not only are piles of unwanted pavers unsightly, they can also pose a variety of safety risks. Piles of bricks and pavers around the house can be a trip hazard and a haven for pests, snakes, termites, and mold.

We can quickly respond to your call for stone paver pickup in Houston. Reach out to us today for a free estimate and to schedule an appointment for pickup.

Stone paver removal in Houston

Get Rid of Your Grill in Houston

When it comes to spending time in your backyard, grilling is arguably one of the best ways to enjoy it! Not only does grilling produce great tasting foods, it also is a great way to entertain the family and visitors. Though the grill is the “cornerstone” of your backyard, grills are unfortunately subject to the salt-air, humidity, and ultimately become subject to rust. 

Once the grill has been ruined by rust, it is usually replaced with a new grill. Since the trash collection does not typically accept grills, the old grill often gets stored behind or on the side of the house. This is where our service comes in-we remove and dispose of old grills. We take care of all loading the grill, hauling the old grill away, and disposing of the grill.

Grill disposal in Houston

Types of Grills We Remove

  • Charcoal Grill Removal
  • Propane Grill Removal
  • Wood Pellet Smoker Removal
  • Barbeque Smoker Removal

Contact Us For Grill Removal in Houston

If you have a grill that you need to dispose of in Houston, we are here to help. One of our friendly staff members will be happy to provide you with an estimate and schedule your service.

Fire Pit Removal in Houston

We’re here to help you dispose of your fire pit in Houston. We offer full service fire pit disposal services in Houston. We are able to offer services the same or next day. Our company provides truly full service fire pit removal services, which include all labor, hauling, and disposal fees. We are able to remove a wide variety of types of fire pits that are made of different materials.

Brick Fire Pit Removal

We can remove fire pits that are permanently installed such as those made of brick and stone. Our expert removal specialists will demolish the brick fire-pit, load up the junk bricks, and haul them to the appropriate disposal facility.

Metal and Ceramic Fire Pit Removal

In addition to removing permanent brick fire pits, we also remove “portable” fire pits such as those that are made of ceramic or metal. Our team is able to remove fire pits in an efficient manner. Contact one of our helpful employees for a free estimate and to schedule an appointment for your fire-pit disposal.

Birdbath Removal

A frequent item that we remove from the backyard is birdbaths. We are able to quickly remove and dispose of your birdbath in HOuston. If you have a bird bath that you need to get rid of, let us know. We can also remove other junk and debris at the same time.

bird bath removal

Lawn Mower Disposal in Houston

If you have any old lawn mowers in your backyard or garage that are taking up space, we can help you out. We help homeowners get rid of their unwanted lawn mowers in Houston. We dispose of lawn mowers of a wide variety of sizes and styles.

Types of Lawnmowers We Remove:

Riding Lawn Mower Removal in Houston

Riding lawn mowers are typically the most challenging type of lawn mower for homeowners to get rid of. Our team can remove the lawn mower from your backyard or garage, load it up, haul it away, and dispose of it properly.

broken lawn mower removal Houston

Push Lawn Mower Removal in Houston

In addition to more cumbersome riding lawn mowers, we can also remove push lawn mowers. We can remove your lawn mower from wherever it is (backyard, side yard, or garage).

Chicken Coop Removal

Houston Junk Hauling LLC also can help you dispose of old chicken coops! There are many reasons why people need to have their chicken coop removed including: HOA problems with raising chickens, the home owner no longer has chickens, the new homeowner does not want the old chicken coop. No matter what the reason may be, we can help! Our team will take care of the chicken coop demolition and remove all of the debris.

Contact Us To Get Rid of Your Chicken Coop in Houston

Call us today at 832-447-7708 and we’ll help you get rid of your chicken coop. We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate and to schedule a service appointment.

We Get Rid of Dog Houses

If you have a dog house that is no longer being used (or never used in the case of my dog), we can help! We will remove your dog house and haul it away for disposal. Call us today or complete the contact form on this page for a free quote on dog house removal in Houston.

dog house haul away

What Items We Do Not Accept

We accept almost everything. There are really only a few types of items that we cannot legally accept. Some of these items include:

  • Flammables
  • Explosives
  • Oil and paints
  • Aerosols
  • Chemicals
  • Biohazards (including dead animals)

Get Started on Your Yard Cleanup Today

Give us a call at 832-447-7708 or complete a contact form on our site to get started with your yard cleanup or backyard junk removal today. One of our friendly team members will be happy to help provide a free estimate and schedule service. Let us know when booking if you are in need of any other services residential including: carpet disposal or pergola removal.