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Commercial Junk Removal Company Houston

Houston Junk Hauling LLC is a full service junk removal company that serves the Greater Houston area. Here are some of the reasons why our customers like working with us:

When you work with us, you are supporting your local economy. Plus, you at talking to our team members, and not some remote call-center.

Our team is passionate about helping our community by providing fast, friendly, and fair services.

We will provide a quote before we begin work. You will know how much the job will cost before the job is started.

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Full range of commercial waste management solutions to fit any type and size of business

Houston Junk Hauling Company is your local and trusted commercial junk removal company. We provide a full range of efficient and affordable commercial junk removal services in Houston, TX. Commercial junk is different from residential junk and needs different handling and treatment.

Why You Need Professional Commercial Junk Removal Services?

Cleaning out your office and getting rid of your equipment, electronics, or furniture is not easy. Over time, if organizations don’t periodically remove their unwanted items, they will likely accumulate plenty of junk. This may include old or worn-out computers, furniture, cardboard items, and various equipment and appliances.

Moreover, commercial building cleanout, retail space build-out, office room addition, foreclosure cleanout, estate property cleanout, and other commercial cleanouts or builds generate tons of garbage and junk. It is certainly not an easy and pleasant task to get rid of the piles of junk, debris, and garbage accumulating as a result. We can haul away all your office or commercial junk responsibly and quickly.

Our trained, professional, and experienced team makes the entire junk removal process easy and efficient. From pick-up to hauling and disposal or recycling, we do it all without disturbing your routine. You just need to inform us about the items that you want to remove from your premises. And we remove them as quickly as possible. We ensure to leave your space clean and tidy without creating any mess.

Why Choose Us for Commercial Junk Removal in Houston, TX?

As an established commercial junk removal company in the industry, we have the resources, equipment, vehicles, and manpower to handle any junk type and size. Our well-equipped and skillful junk removal team is always ready to haul away, pick-up, and cleanup commercial junk.

From retail store cleanouts to office cleanout in Houston, TX, commercial storage cleanup to furniture and equipment removal, we cover it all. We are experts in handling all types and scales of cleaning and junk removal jobs at an affordable price anywhere in Houston, TX.

At Houston Junk Hauling Company, we take pride in our efficient, fast, and eco-friendly commercial junk removal services. As a locally owned and operated company, we are at your service whenever you need us. Our neat, uniformed, friendly, and professional team handles any situation with diligence and ensures complete customer satisfaction. Thus, you can rely on our expertise for your commercial junk removal in Houston, TX.

A Few Reasons Why Our Commercial Clients Like Working With Us:

  • Locally owned and operated commercial junk removal company
  • Industry expertise
  • Reliable and always on-time
  • Fully equipped with tools, equipment, and vehicles
  • Trained and experienced team
  • Insured and licensed
  • Affordable pricing
  • Eco-friendly junk removal, recycling, and disposal

Call us now to take benefit from our affordable and efficient commercial junk removal in Houston, TX!

Items We Frequently Pick Up From Office Space Cleanouts in Houston


Get Rid of Worn-Out Office Chairs in Houston, TX

Chairs are essential and the most used furniture item in any office, but with time, they wear out. Or if you want to upgrade your office furniture, you may want to replace old chairs. Our Houston, TX chair removal service offers a convenient and affordable way to remove your unwanted office furniture. Whenever you need to haul away and dispose of your office chair and other furniture, you can rely on Houston Junk Hauling Company.

Our team reaches your office and gives you an up-front estimate of commercial office chair removal in Houston, TX. We pick-up and take away your old furniture without causing any trouble to you. We may recycle, reuse or responsibly dispose of the chairs depending on their condition. We ensure to adopt eco-friendly methods to prevent furniture from becoming a part of already heaping landfills. Call us now to book office chair removal, or other office cleanout services, in Houston, TX!


Convenient and Affordable Office Desks Removal

If there are old and unused desks in your office, they only add to your junk and occupy space. It’s time to get rid of those desks and make your office look spacious. Houston Junk Hauling Company provides quick and efficient office desk removal in Houston, TX. No need to waste your valuable office time and effort on selling the old cubicle desks. Let us do the heavy lifting and take the burden off your shoulders.

As an established junk removal company, we have the expertise, equipment, and vehicles to pick-up and dispose of old office furniture. We consider it our responsibility to deal with all types of commercial junk in an eco-friendly way. Therefore, we try to recycle, reuse or donate the office desks so that they don’t become a part of landfills. Call us now and schedule office desk removal in Houston, TX!


Dispose Of Your Old Computers Properly in Houston, Texas

Technology, especially computers, is an integral component of any business and office. As you upgrade to new technology, you need to remove the old computers, wiring, keyboards, peripherals, and monitors. But where should you throw away all this junk if your waste management company does not accept it?

Our computer removal and recycling service in Houston, Texas, ensure to haul away all your old and useless computers and technology equipment. Whether you have laptops, plastic and electrical components, computers, and other related junk, we dispose of it in an eco-friendly way.

As an established junk removal company in Houston, Texas, we have the equipment, tools, and workforce. You do not need to do any of the heavy liftings. According to the EPA guidelines, we pick up, load, take away and recycle, reuse or dispose of the old computers. Call us now to de-clutter your office space with efficient computer removal in Houston, Texas!

File Cabinets

Affordable and Quick File Cabinets and Cubicle Removal in Houston, Texas

It is often exciting yet overwhelming to relocate or move your office to a new place or upgrade its furniture. As you expand your business, you may want to make room for new furniture and more employees. We can help you do away with your old file cabinets and cubicles. Our junk removal company in Houston, Texas, provides quick and affordable service to remove the old office furniture and junk.

We can help you remove your old office cabinets and cubicles and dispose of them properly. Our company has all the tools, equipment, workforce and vehicles. We perform any size and scale of file cabinets removal in Houston, Texas, with speed and efficiency.

Our experts ensure to cause minimal disruption to your routine. After removing and taking away your old file cabinets, we try our best to recycle, reuse or dispose of them in an eco-friendly way. Call us now for cubicles and file cabinets removal in Houston, Texas!


Making Drawers Removal Easy and Affordable in Houston, Texas

Do you have plenty of drawers at your office which you want to remove? Have your office accumulated lots of old furniture cluttering your space? No worries! Houston Junk Hauling has you covered. We understand that it is often difficult to dispose of your old or unused office furniture. You cannot throw it away with other junk, and yet you don’t want to keep it. We offer easy and affordable drawers and old office furniture removal in Houston, Texas.

Whether you have a single item or old furniture in bulk which you want to throw away, we are at your service. Whenever you need our service, just call us, and our team reaches your place as your schedule. We give you an honest upfront estimate for drawers removal in Houston, Texas. We ensure to do responsible disposal or recycling of the furniture items so that they don’t damage our environment. Give us a call now for drawer removal!


Efficient and Eco-Friendly Printer Removal and Disposal in Houston, Texas

With the upgrade in technology, you may want to replace your old printer or scanner. This equipment is often heavy and hard to remove and dispose of because of its environmental impact. You cannot just throw old printers in your garbage. Hiring our local junk removal company in Houston, Texas, is definitely the best option.

We provide you with affordable, efficient and eco-friendly printer removal services for your office junk removal needs. There are many types and sizes of office printers. You may not be able to haul your old printer away on your own. We arrive at your office at the scheduled time, haul away your equipment while you spend your time and efforts on something more useful. We reuse, recycle or dispose of the old printers in an eco-friendly way. So you don’t need to worry about your environmental obligations. Call now to schedule printer removal service in Houston, Texas!

Copy Machines

Professional Copy Machines Removal in Houston, Texas

Office or commercial photocopy machines are large in size and heavyweight. If you upgrade your office with new photocopy technology or your old equipment is no longer working, you need to remove it. This can be a tough task given the equipment size, weight and chemical harm it can cause to the environment. At Houston Junk Hauling, we provide professional photocopier removal in Houston, Texas. We have the equipment to handle any size and weight of photocopier, quickly and efficiently.

Our friendly and professional team arrives fully equipped to haul away your broken or old photocopier machine. We handle the disposal responsibly by recycling, reusing, or disposing of it in an eco-friendly way. From digital to desktop copiers, large format copiers to multifunction copiers, we can take away all. Call us now to schedule your photocopier removal in Houston, Texas!


Most Convenient Way to Remove Cubicles, Desks, and Other Office Furniture in Houston, Texas

Unwanted or unused cubicles at your office or commercial space only create clutter. Removing cubicles can become stressful due to the high pricing of your local junk removal company. You cannot throw them away with your regular office junk. At Houston Junk Hauling, we understand the troubles you face to remove old cubicles and other office junk. We provide affordable and convenient cubicle removal service in Houston, Texas.

Responsible disposal of office cubicles and other office furniture is another issue which most offices encounter. We take the responsibility of eco-friendly removal of all types of office junk. Whether you have large cubicles or small office furniture that you want to get rid of, we have you covered. We pick up and recycle, reuse or dispose of the cubicles in an environmentally-friendly way. Call us now to schedule your cubicle removal in Houston, Texas!

ATM Removal

Reliable ATM Removal in Houston, Texas

ATMs may stop working due to one reason or another. If you have one or more than one ATM at your commercial facility that is no longer working, we can help. Our professional junk removal company provides an efficient and affordable ATM removal service in Houston, Texas. You don’t need to put in your efforts and time into ATM removal. We do all the work from start to finish. Just call us to schedule your ATM removal, and our team will reach you at the scheduled time.

We pick up, carry and load the old or worn-out ATM from any requested site, whether it’s a food chain, store, or office. Our team comes fully equipped with equipment and vehicles to handle all types and sizes of ATMs. We ensure proper disposal of the ATMs and if it’s non-compliant, we try to salvage it. Call us now to book an ATM removal service in Houston, Texas!