Pallet Disposal Service in Houston

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Houston Junk Hauling LLC is a full service junk removal company that serves the Greater Houston area. Here are some of the reasons why our customers like working with us:

When you work with us, you are supporting your local economy. Plus, you at talking to our team members, and not some remote call-center.

Our team is passionate about helping our community by providing fast, friendly, and fair services.

We will provide a quote before we begin work. You will know how much the job will cost before the job is started.

Fast and Friendly Pallet Disposal Services

Houston Junk Hauling LLC is a provider of pallet disposal services in Houston, Texas. We offer pallet pickup and pallet disposal services on both a one-time and recurring basis, depending on your needs.

Though we typically offer pallet removal services to commercial businesses, such as stores, warehouses, and offices, we also provide pallet disposal services to residential customers as well. 

We understand that keeping your property clear of clutter, such as from excess shipping pallets, is imperative to your business. Not only are excess pallets unsightly, they can also be in violation of rental agreements. Additionally, having too many pallets stacked up outside of your property can pose a safety concern and a fire hazard. Since pallet removal is such an important facet of keeping up a tidy business front, we ensure that pallet disposal services are provided in a safe and efficient manner. 

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What Types of Pallets Do We Pickup?

We pickup all types of pallets! We pickup pallets of all shapes and sizes, as well as any type of material. Also, we do not have a minimum number of pallets to be eligible for a pickup. There is so much to learn about the different types of pallets. Some of the most common types of pallets that we remove are:

  • 4-Way Pallets
  • 2-Way Pallets
  • Beverage Pallets
  • Honeycomb Pallets
  • POD pallets
  • Plastic pallets
  • IGPS Pallets
  • Euro Style Pallets
  • Chep Pallets
  • Peco Pallets

We Offer Shipping Pallet Pickup in Houston

Shipping pallets are bulky and sometimes cumbersome, which allows them to accumulate until they become a nuisance. Oftentimes, pallet suppliers and shippers do not pick up small amounts of pallets, damaged pallets, and usually do not have dependable service. Fortunately, we offer a convenient solution for shipping pallet pickup! We are typically able to accommodate same or next-day service and do not have a minimum quantity of pallets for pickup.

How Our Pallet Pickup Process Works:

  1. Call us to schedule a pickup time
  2. We will provide an estimate over the phone
  3. We will arrive (on-time) to your scheduled pickup
  4. We’ll provide a firm quote before we load the pallets
  5. All pallets will be loaded into our truck
  6. We haul away and dispose of the pallets properly (recycling when possible)

Pallet Recycling in Houston

We Participate in Pallet Recycling

We understand that packaging, including pallets and crates, is a large component of the excessive amount of waste that is deposited into Houston area landfills every year. Houston Junk Hauling LLC is committed to prospecting our planet’s forest, and therefore, we partner with several facilities and organizations in the Houston area to recycle of wooden pallets. Many times, these pallets can be repurposed or turned into mulch.

Supplementary Removal Services

Do More Than Just Get Rid of Pallets in Houston

Pallet removal and pallet disposal is just one of the many services that Houston Junk Hauling LLC provides. We provide a wide range of commercial junk removal and debris removal services as well. Let us know if you have any other services that we can complete at the time of your pallet removal. Some of the most common related services we provide include:

Wood Shipping Crate Removal in Houston

Wood shipping crates are often very bulk, awkward, and cumbersome. Additionally, most shippers and pallet recyclers do not accept one-off shipping crates. We can take care of your shipping crate removal quickly and efficiently. Our friendly team will load up the crate(s) and haul them away for proper disposal or recycling. 

wood shipping crate removal

Other services we typically perform with pallet removal include:

How Can We Help With Your Pallet Removal?

We’re here to help! Let us know how we can help you get rid of pallets for your business or store front. Start by calling one of our friendly team members at 832-447-7708. You can also complete a contact form on this page or our contact page. Once we know a bit more about the pallets that you need to get rid of, we will able to provide you with more specific information in terms of pricing and scheduling. We look forward to working with you!